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Our planet’s natural
resources are limited.
Fortunately, our
recycling ideas aren’t

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    Our motto: If we’re going to recycle, then let’s offer the whole works

  • Nothing on our planet can last forever – least of all our supplies of raw materials. Which is why we use state-of-the-art processes to help conserve our natural resources. Every year, we collect, treat and market around 30 million tonnes of recyclables. We handle practically every type of material – from paper and wood, to construction waste and steel, all the way through to plastics and precious metals. What’s more, we also process materials that would appear, at first glance, to be impossible to recycle. Hazardous waste for example.

  • Not only industrial and commercial customers benefit from our recycling services but the public and local authorities as well

REMONDIS’ world of recycling

  • What exactly do we achieve with our different recycling activities? What products (output) do we create from the materials we collect (input) and treat? The following infographic provides a summary of the most important points.


A full range of recycling services

    • Find out more about our award-winning technologies at remondis-sustainability.com

    • We always have the big picture in mind when we think recycling and when we practise recycling as this business involves so much more than just the individual treatment processes. Whenever requested, we provide our customers with additional support – advising them on matters such as material flow management and drawing up comprehensive concepts covering material analyses and quality assurance, collection and logistics and, of course, smart recycling solutions. One of our primary goals is to continuously increase the number and the quality of these recycling solutions. We are constantly carrying out work to develop new technologies so that more and more raw materials can be recovered and returned to production cycles. Examples of such work include our award-winning processes TetraPhos® and RESPRAY for recovering phosphorus and recycling aerosol cans.

    An overview of our individual services

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        • Storage prior to collection: recyclables, residual materials, hazardous waste – acc. to type, optimised distances & volumes

          Whether it be recyclable or hazardous materials, for local authorities or industrial businesses – we will always go and collect waste no matter where or by whom it has been generated. We also provide suitable containers and collection systems to suit the type and volume of the material. What’s more, we act as consultants, advising our customers on all matters concerning waste management.


        • Logistics: collection, transport, transhipment

          Our trucks are out on the road every single day – collecting the products and substances our customers no longer need. Thanks to our professional logistics concepts, we are able to collect both large and small quantities of materials and still run a cost-effective business. Our special vehicles and accreditations ensure that all products are transported safely and allow our customers to rest assured their waste is always being handled in accordance with all rules and regulations.


        • Pretreatment: sorting, bulking up, removal of hazardous substances

          Not all materials can be recycled straight away. Which is why we operate sorting plants to separate the recyclable and hazardous materials from one another and so increase the number of substances that can be reused. At the same time, we ensure that the materials within the different recycling categories are also separated according to type. Besides splitting up the different types of paper, we also, for example, divide up the metals into copper, brass, iron and steel – guaranteeing that they can be returned to production cycles efficiently and cost effectively.


        • Recycling: classifying, conditioning, supply

          Our ultimate goal is to recover and pretreat recyclable materials so that they can be recycled and reused as cost effectively as possible using environmentally friendly processes. What is essential here is ensuring that the materials are classified and conditioned in the most effective way so that the output is always of a consistently high quality. This is true for both the recycled raw materials and for the products we make. Composition, texture, form – everything is homogenised. This guarantee is vital, not least because industrial businesses can only use recycled products if they meet their stringent standards. Conserving natural resources is, therefore, also a matter of quality.


        • Marketing: raw materials, products & energy

          Besides carrying out classic recycling activities – i.e. recovering raw materials – we also provide other recycling and processing solutions. We also, for example, make recycled products for the construction sector, produce refuse-derived fuels and generate energy in the form of biogas.

Planning ahead instead of simply recovering materials – with innovative branded products

Thinking and practising sustainability through to the end involves more than simply recovering raw materials. It is just as important to develop innovative products that help protect the environment and enable primary raw materials to be conserved. This is something REMONDIS does at various different levels as can be seen by its diverse portfolio of branded products. A whole range of customers benefit from these across the world – from the manufacturing industry all the way through to the agricultural sector.

REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant – A recycling park and flagship project all in one

    • Learn more about the Lippe Plant here

    • Covering a surface area of 230 hectares, the Lippe Plant is the largest industrial recycling centre in Europe. Originally an aluminium plant, this recycling park in Lünen is now home to a range of different facilities – such as plants for processing and recycling gypsum from flue gas desulphurisation systems, chemicals, wood, plastics, e-waste and non-fossil fuels. Every year, 900,000 thousand tonnes of recycled products leave the Lippe Plant – including goods from the binding agent production plant, biodiesel, certified compost for agricultural businesses and plastic pellets for industrial companies. What’s more the Lippe Plant plays a major role in helping to protect the environment and curb global warming – with the various recycling activities at the site reducing carbon emissions by 488,000 tonnes each year. In 2016, KlimaExpo.NRW honoured the operations at the Lippe Plant, naming them one of the state’s best pioneering projects.

    A video of REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant

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